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Maritime & seafarer

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Maritime & Seafarers Services

ShipMed is accredited by local and a large number of international Flag State Health Authorities, to conduct medical certification for seafarers. Below is a list of some of the major Flag States medical authorities which we perform medicals for:

  • Bahamas*

  • Bermuda

  • Denmark*

  • Liberia

  • Transport Malta

  • Marshall Islands

  • Norway*

  • Panama

  • South Africa*(SAMSA)

* - ENG1 Equivalent as per MSN 1815 (M+F Amendment 3)

Shore-side Medical Support (24-hour access)

ShipMed doctors are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year to provide medical assistance to any seafarer requiring medical care. We are also able to arrange referral to specialists, admission to world-class hospitals and facilitate any repatriation.

Telemedical Advice and Vessel Visits (24-hour access)

Whether the vessel is at anchorage at OPL or mid-voyage, ShipMed doctors can assist 24-hours a day. We can either visit the vessel, arrange a medical evacuation to shore or simply offer advice via email or telephone.

Locker Inspections & Medicine Orders

No matter what your vessel's Flag State requirements are, ShipMed's extensive maritime industry knowledge and network of allied service providers ensure that your vessel has its needs met in the shortest amount of time.

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Best medical most probably in South Africa. Thanks for the friendly and efficient service.

Attie H


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